Friday, February 22, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Is anyone's life not in the fast lane these days? Ours flies by and we have no idea how many days have passed by the time we come up for air. We had a nice Valentine. Nothing crazy, but nice time off together. Then, Adam went camping with some pals at Calhoun Falls. His agenda: throwing some football and eating as many little Debbie's as he could consume outside of his wife's presence. I went to see my family in Columbia and tried the famous Hudson's Smokehouse with my parents and Mona. It was good eating. Then I went to my sister, Suzy's for her birthday. That was a nice relaxing visit also and the girls had great times with their cousins.

Now we are back in the cottage and having a good time. Our girls are looking forward to seeing a movie out this weekend and eating some of Mrs. Leah's famous frozen (and then heated) pizza. Seriously, it's just a good cheap pizza, but we'll love it! One week from tomorrow is my big 10k so I'll try not to eat too much :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amazing kids!

I have some awesome little girls and sometimes they blow me away so much I don't know how to express it. Yesterday Isabella made my heart melt like never before. She was doing her homeschool work and I was working on dinner for later that afternoon. She sat at the counter and offered occasional comments and asked about 894 questions. At some point she got quiet for a minute and then just said "Mommy, thank you". I stopped, seriously wondering what she was talking about and asked "for what?". She was slow to answer again and said something like "thank you for all that you do for me"... what a moment! (Considering that I was 28 years old with a newborn baby, and had put my mom through a whole lot more before I realized I needed to thank my mom for all that she had done.) To have my five year old offer such a grace filled moment for her mommy was incredible. I hope she always sees when nice things are done for her and remembers more hugs than pops on her bottom. I hope she also knows how incredibly special she is, but don't worry... we tell her all the time.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Sunday!

This past Sunday was the XLII NFL Super Bowl. We had a gathering of friends, little and big, lots of food and glee from me and Adam! For some reason without making any pre-game decisions, we started pulling for the Giants and were thrilled to see the outcome. Much better than that, we had a good time with friends and Isabella and Elissa had a great time running around with their pals too! Clean up was fast and easy and we hit the bed rather worn out.

We have seen Eli Manning on Disney several times since then. Elissa will say "that's Eli Manning, he won the Super Bowl"! It's pretty funny because his comment about going to Disney World is something they can connect with :)