Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiny Dancer or Kung Fu Fighting?

On one of our days off...Isabella and Elissa wanted to do some ballet and so we put some classical music on and they put some tutus on....The rest is history.

Bumps & Bruises

So our two princesses were spreading their joy through the house very quickly and after two prompts to stop running, the corner of the couch decided to put a stop to it. Here is a progression of her bruise. You can see the color changes and for some reason a side effect of the bruise is food around the mouth...go figure.

February is upon us!

Wow - we are 1/12 into the New Year! That is pretty scary considering our Christmas spending still haunts us :)

Elissa is suffering from a scary bump on her head. Actually, it is all but forgotten now, unless she looks in the mirror and sees the purple bruise on her lobe. She ran into the couch in the cottage after running laps through the house. She and Isabella had been told to stop, but at 3 and 5 walking seems so boring. The bump was pretty traumatic for us all. Elissa cried and cried. Isabella cried like she was the one who had the bump. She took responsibility for the incident but we tried to convince her it was just an accident. She sat with her while we put ice on the goose egg. She prayed over her and gave her lots of kisses. The other girls in the cottage seemed worried about her too and checked on her.

Anyway, praise God we are all okay and survived a weekend that seemed like it would never end!

Friday, January 18, 2008

What a laid back time. Yesterday we laid around and played video games all day with our friends. Actually, we invited some folks over for lunch and then we started a game of fusion frenzy. Isabella and Elissa had friends over so they were very happy. I didn't play much of the video game so I could make cookies and run around checking on kids, but I loved it.

Today we had a long home school time and Isabella really did great. She is doing so well with addition and so we started on some simple subtraction. She aced it so we have to bump it up a notch. We also reviewed all the Bible verses from this year and she did great there too. We are so pleased with all that she is doing and feel much better about where we are. Now, our prayer is do we do first grade at home or not??? Pray for us :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

off again on again

So we are off duty again and have a couple of days free to ourselves. We'll probably piddle around a little and take a little time to rest. The weather is supposed to be rough tomorrow so we'll be glad to snuggle down and keep warm. Movies and hot chocolate are the theme I think. We are having friends over tonight and look forward to laughing a little with them and letting our kids play together. We may try to pop down to Columbia before we go back on duty. We miss the family and so do the girls.

I have started some new things this new year. I am trying out Bible Study Fellowship. It seems to be a very good investment. I am also studying the Bible with some ladies on our campus and am excited to get to know them better and have one more day of focus on the Bible. Another slightly nutty thing is I had a friend approach me about doing the Reedy River 10K Run with her so we started running together today. I love those kinds of goals so I am very excited about that one too.

Adam is in the men's Bible study on campus and that has been a blessing for him. I'm so proud of his commitment to try and be there, study God's Word and enjoy the Christian fellowship. They are a great group of guys. He has also kept up playing basketball at the YMCA and I'm proud that he is taking care of himself.

Isabella and Elissa are incredible as ever. They are such big girls. As much as I am told how fast it all flies by, I think this is the age I just want to stop and watch them for a while... soak it in even. Unfortunately I let lots of other things get in the way, but we love to read, snuggle, tickle and laugh together as often as we can.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Adam is 33!

Today is Adam's 33rd birthday and we have started it off with a bang. Isabella is sick to her stomach and cuddling a trashcan... Elissa had to work on writing her name to sign her daddy's card... I worked on getting his birthday cake finished... and he slept in and woke up to a hot cup of coffee. Now, we are just hanging around and slowly getting ready for the day. Isabella seems to be doing better and she and Elissa both did homeschool this morning. Isabella's sight vocabulary recognition is coming along well and I am glad to be back on track with that. Elissa gets bored easily with anything school related, but she is 3 so we try to be reasonable. Alphabet puzzles and her new learning computer are a lot of fun.

This afternoon we are heading to the mall, one of Adam's favorite outings. Then we are going to drop off the girls at Adam's little sisters for some Aunt Ali and Uncle Chad time :) Adam and I are heading out to eat in downtown Greenville for a feast :) I can't wait!