Monday, January 28, 2008

February is upon us!

Wow - we are 1/12 into the New Year! That is pretty scary considering our Christmas spending still haunts us :)

Elissa is suffering from a scary bump on her head. Actually, it is all but forgotten now, unless she looks in the mirror and sees the purple bruise on her lobe. She ran into the couch in the cottage after running laps through the house. She and Isabella had been told to stop, but at 3 and 5 walking seems so boring. The bump was pretty traumatic for us all. Elissa cried and cried. Isabella cried like she was the one who had the bump. She took responsibility for the incident but we tried to convince her it was just an accident. She sat with her while we put ice on the goose egg. She prayed over her and gave her lots of kisses. The other girls in the cottage seemed worried about her too and checked on her.

Anyway, praise God we are all okay and survived a weekend that seemed like it would never end!

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