Friday, January 18, 2008

What a laid back time. Yesterday we laid around and played video games all day with our friends. Actually, we invited some folks over for lunch and then we started a game of fusion frenzy. Isabella and Elissa had friends over so they were very happy. I didn't play much of the video game so I could make cookies and run around checking on kids, but I loved it.

Today we had a long home school time and Isabella really did great. She is doing so well with addition and so we started on some simple subtraction. She aced it so we have to bump it up a notch. We also reviewed all the Bible verses from this year and she did great there too. We are so pleased with all that she is doing and feel much better about where we are. Now, our prayer is do we do first grade at home or not??? Pray for us :)

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Allison Nicholson said...

Wow! that's great about home school! No suprise, though, that Isabella is doing so well...your girls are sooo smart!