Thursday, January 3, 2008

Adam is 33!

Today is Adam's 33rd birthday and we have started it off with a bang. Isabella is sick to her stomach and cuddling a trashcan... Elissa had to work on writing her name to sign her daddy's card... I worked on getting his birthday cake finished... and he slept in and woke up to a hot cup of coffee. Now, we are just hanging around and slowly getting ready for the day. Isabella seems to be doing better and she and Elissa both did homeschool this morning. Isabella's sight vocabulary recognition is coming along well and I am glad to be back on track with that. Elissa gets bored easily with anything school related, but she is 3 so we try to be reasonable. Alphabet puzzles and her new learning computer are a lot of fun.

This afternoon we are heading to the mall, one of Adam's favorite outings. Then we are going to drop off the girls at Adam's little sisters for some Aunt Ali and Uncle Chad time :) Adam and I are heading out to eat in downtown Greenville for a feast :) I can't wait!

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Lowders said...

Gimme some o dat cake. I love the cake. Happy Birthday Adam! We love you and your blogosphere.