Friday, March 21, 2008

Murrells Inlet Community Vacation

What a fun thing it is to have such easy going friends... to be able to live among each other for several days and have great memories all the way home. We had a great week last week with good friends as we picnicked on the beach, hid from the wind, played some incredibly insightful games, waited on the whims of fiddler crabs and small children, ate mounds of yummy eats, snacked into the dawn, devoured some Papa John's, tossed the football from the pier until we were booted, ate some overpriced seafood and grill food, watched one lady single handedly eliminate the crab population at Philip's, visited Klig's, watched master kite flyer's and rock climbing children. It was a great trip and we hope/think fun was had by all! Thanks again Nana and Papa

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