Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break!

I love the Spring and our flowers are finally all in bloom. It is a yucky day but we probably need the rain. My dad recently reminded me that even if it isn't very pretty, God knows what He is doing so don't complain about the rain. He is an awfully wise man :) He should be considering he just had his 70th birthday, April 3rd. I was so excited about it for some reason. It means I'm getting older too so I don't know why I think it is so cool, but I do. He seems like a young 50 to me - still strong, smart and more loving, patient and full of grace and forgiveness than ever. He isn't perfect but he is pretty wonderful in my eyes.

We have been on duty for a few weeks now but it has been a nice time. Our girls in the cottage are all doing well for the most part. They enjoy time off from school (well not the older ones because they'd rather be around their friends - sad, I know). Today we are going to GattiTown and eating as much pizza as our faces will hold. It is a lot of fun and great for a rainy day! Tomorrow we go to Columbia to light up D's with 70 candles or so... glad everything is wet outside just in case of fire.

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