Monday, July 28, 2008

Last stop... Orlando!

So... we made it through the beach trip and enjoyed time with family! The girls thoroughly enjoyed their far away cousins and seeing everyone. Adam got in some good guy time with his dad and brothers-in-law. I finished a terrific book and got to eat crab legs 2008!
It was a good time and as always it was nice to be back home for a couple of nights before heading to our other home at Berkele. We miss our girls there and will enjoy planning as we head for Orlando on Saturday.
We have 10 days and will be talking with our teammates and working out what everyone wants to do! It is so good to have such awesome, thoughtful and considerate teammates - thanks God! To Orlando we go!!!


Tia said...

Hey Leah! It's so fun checking out your blog! I hope I'll get to see you and Adam and the girls really soon. Are you going to MJ and Andrew's wedding in Clemson? If so, I should see you there :)

Hope all is well... take care!


collinsfamily3 said...

Thanks for the props! We love you guys- and you really have taught us so much since we've been here! Glad you had a good week and we are looking forward to a memorable week- Life is good at Berkele!

And I love the picture of Elissa getting splashed by a wave :)