Saturday, August 9, 2008


Vacation... as a parent what does that mean? as a mom it means cooking in a weird place where there is never something you need... it means having a lot more people around your kids to watch and be wary of... it means wearing your kids out and trying to remember that you were responsible for their crankiness... it means paying too much for the silliest things...

- OR -

it means seeing your little girl's face light up when she gets the beautiful water filled (super cheesy)dolphin she wanted that you raced across the park to find since you promised it to her and almost forgot it... it means being thrilled that you lived through a ride (Incredible Hulk) that you waited 2 1/2 hours to ride to make 3 of your big girls happy (and that you were too old to be on in the first place)... it means thinking Spiderman is the coolest ride ever and being thrilled to have all of your girls to remember it with... it means getting chill bumps when you see Shamu in person for the first time... it means finding your baby fallen asleep kissing the stuffed dolphin (that her daddy told her is able to kill sharks)... it means watching your little girl sit like a statue with a smile all for having her face painted like a princess... it means remembering why you think your husband is the best husband in the world because he takes the girls to all the rides they want to go on and has the patience of Job... it means walking around a tourist packed amusement park in prayer, thanking God that this is your life!!!


Mona's World said...

I am so incredibly blessed to have you as a little sister!

Sabrina said...

ah!! how fun! and tiring :) but you survived and you have all these fun memories. love you guys!