Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas - thank God! We had Christmas with my sisters on the 13th, then Christmas in the cottage 16th, Christmas with the Sawyers 23rd, Christmas at home 24th, and Christmas with the Hucks 25th! Going back and forth to Columbia was worth it especially when we woke up at home to find the fireplace doors opened and toys all around on Christmas morning. Despite some evil bug that luckily for me was a jump start for my New Years diet, all was as close to perfect as can be. The four Hucks were in our first Christmas play (with about 25 other folks) at church and three of our cottage girls got to take part as well. Elissa shared her memorization passage from Matthew several times and even brought a few of us to tears. And as for presents... well we all got more than we deserved. Now if I can manage to give away more than half of what was already here I'll be happy. Thank you family! Thank you God for every good thing!

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