Monday, February 15, 2010

It's probably about time...

It has been so long since I've been on here but I get intimidated thinking about trying to update information and the further I get behind, the more I don't want to :)

So... here it is February 2010. See I told you (a long time)! We are well. Everyone is healthy, thankfully. Adam is going to be having ACL surgery next week due to our basketball playing at the Y. Thank God he is young and healthy and will likely be back to normal (whatever that means) six months from now.

Isabella is very into gymnastics these days. She is only seven but has a great cart wheel which she has started doing on a beam. It sounds cool to me. She has another terrific teacher this year for 2nd grade and will be testing for the gifted program this week... who knows how that will go but what an honor :) Getting that letter brought tears to my eyes. No one thinks your kid is as awesome and smart and beautiful and wonderful as you do, right? But, obviously she is proving herself to be a pretty smart kid! She is in GEMS at church and has been working on memorizing verses, sewing and last week she made brownies.

Elissa is an incredibly loving child. She is in 5K and is reading very well. She loves to read everything she looks at but doesn't always have the confidence to trust that she can read the book in front of her. She is also a smart kid and is doing well! We are grateful for the teachers that work with her and think the world of the godly women who have much more patience than I. She participates in gymnastics also. Adam laughed when he went to their observation day today. He came home to say Elissa is the reason parents aren't allowed in all the time. She puts on an extra "special" performance whenever we are there.

Our life in the cottage with our girls is still an incredible blessing. I try to be careful talking about them too much but they definitely bless our lives by being a part of ours and we are extremely proud of them and everything they do!! Thank God we still have the greatest teammates ever - three years together and God continues to keep us in a like minded ministry for our girls sake!

We have so much to look forward to for the future. Right now, we just want to see Adam's ACL fixed, the spring's arrival and everything in bloom, and vacations being planned.

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Chad and Allison Nicholson said...

HOORAAAAYYY!!! I could hardly believe there was an update on Hucks Life...oh, wait, I shouldn't be saying you guys!