Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What is petty? I remember hearing my mom use that word as a kid. "Don't be petty" was a phrase I heard usually referring to another adult. It seemed like a funny word but really, those are words to live by. I read one time that if we take offense too easily or we are too sensitive, then that is not Christ-like and has no place in a mature Christian. That doesn't mean us baby Christians couldn't wallow in our pitiful selves but as we grew to focus on God and quit focusing on others, believers or not, we would need to not be upset so easily. I like that a lot. I still let pettiness creep in sometimes and feel like I just have to have my say if something offends me but when I hold back, pray through it, and move on, I feel so much better.

As a believer I want to do right in the little stuff but I can't let the little stuff get me down. Especially, when it is other people's little stuff that is driving me crazy. I can't be easily offended and sensitive to think everything is about me. It is easy to do when you grow up being one half narcissist and one half insecure mess... but it makes for a foothold for Satan to steal my joy and make me paranoid.

I don't want to be petty. That means friendships, marriage, work, kids, school teachers... I have to keep focused on what really matters and for me that is studying God's word, spending time talking with Him, caring for those I can care for, serving where I can, being a good steward (of body, mind, finances and any other resource I have) and seeking the joy from life that God has blessed me with. Most days if I am focused, it seeks me!!

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