Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm glad I only have 10 kids

:) Well... I CARE for 10 kids and that care IS shared. Still... I pray for and worry over 10 kids and that is enough for anyone.

My kids are incredible and they all have some amazing qualities that make me smile and appreciate their individuality. One of them has a funny accent. One has academic success that impresses me greatly. One has a quietness that I admire and appreciate. One has energy and drive. One has creativity and hope. One has a humble heart. One cleans up quickly after herself and others. One has a smile that makes you want to give her anything she wants. One has a dreamy hope that I want to see fulfilled. One has a neatness and desire for structure. These are just a few qualities they have but these are things that make me think of them. They also overlap into each other and each child. On a selfish level, each can make me feel special with their love and attention but I think even that comes from my love for them and recognition of how amazing they are.

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