Thursday, February 10, 2011

"belief" blogs

Wow! I just finished reading CNN's belief blog. While I was reading it, I was getting so fired up to respond. It seemed so ridiculous and contradictory of itself that I was getting very annoyed with each word I read. Then, I got to the end and started reading through comments posted about it. Those were far more ridiculous than the original article. At least it was straightforward backwards (if that's possible). All of the following comments were circular arguments and ramblings... maybe not all but a lot of them. I opted not to post anything.

I like posting things online. I like responding to other people's writings as well. I can get angry and feel like I can make a logical argument. In the end, it doesn't feel worth it. It seems that people will talk to each other like "dogs" in their anonymity and opinions are KING!

I did this a few months ago with an article after the Chilean miners were rescued. I start off thinking it is a good article and the comments following turns it all into an argument of religion with some giving God the credit and others not.

I guess what I get from all of this is people LOVE to argue, especially anonymously :)

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the hucks said...

Funny... after writing this earlier today, I opened up our morning devotion entitled "Absolute Truth". I talked to the girls about tastes, opinions and truth (right or wrong). God's timing is very funny. Thank you Lord that truth is real and your timing makes me smile!